When Destinee Lynn started singing at age 9, she couldn’t have seen farther her desire to perform her favorite hobby in the basement with her dad, Domingo and older brother, Daniel. At age 15 though, she had encountered her own fair share of pain as she lost her grandmother, with who she had a very close relationship, to cancer and, would later lose her uncle, her confidante and role model too. The series of losses made her seek solace in singing and songwriting as early as 11 years old. Drawing from the encouragement of her grandma who loved her voice and her uncle who pushed her to never give up on education and hard work, Destinee Lynn continued her education at Hamilton High School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where her budding fame as a soulful artist rose.

Fantasy Girl Musik
I Don't Wanna Be Famous
Sister Sister
Love Toxic
Big Bank
Dirty Sprite
WYA feat: DNA